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Don’t Forget Your Ears: Earigate’s Ear Cleaning System

It may not be glamourous like a lipgloss, or sexy like a smokey eyeshadow, but cleaning your ears properly is just as important as ensuring you look great on the outside. I’ve always been a little bit obsessed with cleaning my ears nearly every day; I absolutely hate the feeling of blocked ears, wax build-up or simply not being able to hear effectively. (Apparently Victoria Beckham religiously cleans her ears out as she used to spend so much time with an earpiece in.) Until now I thought my only option was a bumper pack of Johnson’s Baby Cotton Buds, (apparently cotton buds can actually make the problem worse by forcing wax down the ear canal and potentially causing damage to the drum if pushed down too far,) but thanks to Earigate my routine has effectively been revolutionised. Earwax is produced in the outer part of the ear canal to help keep the ear clean, lubricated and protected against infection. Earwax can become a problem when too much builds up and blocks the ear canal, potentially causing hearing loss, pain, ringing, dizziness and infections – not nice.

Earigate‘s patented reverse spray action enables simple, comfortable cleaning of ears in seconds, thanks to their flexi-tip nozzle that gets right inside the ear canal. One squirt dislodges any wax build-up and washes it away back out the canal, leaving ears feeling fresh and cleansed from the inside out. The water that’s applied using a very soft pressure is comprised of 100% naturally sourced sea water. The solution is isotonic and contains no preservatives, meaning there’s nothing but goodness entering your ear canal. Perfect for kids and adults alike, there’s even a little guard to ensure the nozzle doesn’t penetrate too deeply. It’s so safe that you can use it 2-3 times a week to give your ears a thorough and routine cleansing, building up to every day if you have a specific problem. It’s so much easier and cheaper than leaving ear wax to build up until you need to seek medical attention, (as well as eliminating the often painful and uncomfortable procedure,) so take a little time to respect and pamper your ears. They’ll be ever so grateful.

Earigate is available online or in Boots priced £9.99