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The Earigate system has been developed by a leading ENT surgeon which helps maintain healthy clean ears safely, using a 100% natural sea water solution. Wax in the ear canal is produced in the outer part of the ear, gradually building up and eventually working its way into the ear canal.


The Earigate system is a safe, simple, easy way to remove wax. Earigate has a patented FLEXINOZZLE™ soft and rounded tip that is inserted into the ear. Upon activation of the device, the Earigate solution is passed along the tube to the end piece, which results in the flow of solution being directed back out of the ear canal. This prevents the eardrum and other sensitive and important strictures of the ear from being damaged and avoids the uncomfortable feeling of water hitting the eardrum, as is the case with many other ear care products.



  • Earigate ear cleaning system for adults and kids
  • Unique, flexi-tip nozzle with patented reverse spray action.
  • Cleans and removes ear wax build up safely.
  • 100% natural and hypoallergenic.
  • Suitable Adults and children over the age of 6 years