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OU…BUT BETTER – Day 3: FOLTENE Treatments for Hair Loss,

Eyebrows, Lashes and Nails

It’s any woman’s beauty nightmare. A new clump of hair on the brush. Tangled strands swishing down the shower plughole. The first tiny bald patch that needs a cover-up.

Hair loss is that thing we all dread, and when it happens it can hit you with the emotional impact of a bomb blast.

Frustratingly, the exact “root” causes of hair loss, to an extent, remain a puzzle, but the reasons for hair loss are many. Chemo, thyroid issues, autoimmune disease, stress, nutritional deficiencies and emotional shock all feature in the line up of potential villains.

In fact, Hashimoto’s (autoimmune thyroiditis and hypothyroidism – two surprisingly widespread yet often undetected thyroid diseases) – can even cause the outer third of your eyebrows to disappear, too.


One of the Foltene range products, the Eyelash / Eyebrow Treatment £14.95

(both can be affected by chemo and alopecia, and Hashimotos/hypothyroid sufferers often lose the outer third of their eyebrows – a sign of low thyroid function)

Sufferers can quickly get hooked into a trial-and-error spending spree to find something – ANYTHING – that works, in the hope of restoring them to “how they looked before”. But one of the cruellest things about alopecia is, even if your hair grows back it could start shedding again in the future.


Foltene’s best-selling Hair & Scalp anti-hair loss Treatment (ampoules) £24.95

There are a number of pharmacy-style treatments for hair loss around but Foltene, originally an Italian brand, has published 42 clinical studies across 40 countries and the amount of research and clinical trials it has carried out has been exhaustive – the goal being to formulate a range of products geared towards effectively reviving hair growth (and/or slowing down loss) and rebuilding a healthy scalp – rather like well fertilized ground for new hair to flourish in.

So – to fast-forward to the “science bit” for a minute,  Foltene have come up with two different actives to tackle hair loss and slow down existing hair fall as well as encourage new, healthier growth patterns.

Foltene’s Two Unique Actives

These patented actives are:

1)   Tricosaccaride – comprising mucopolysaccharides (MPS) which occur in connective tissues in the head; and

2)   Tricalgoxyl which is a mix of oligosaccharides from brown algae harvested off the coast of Brittany, in France.

Foltene’s Strengthening and Energising Shampoo for Thinning Hair £9.95 (200ml)

How do they work?

MPS increases in the hair growth stage (Anagen) and decreases during hair fall (the Telogen stage) and it also helps boost micro circulation in the scalp, to set the stage for stronger roots and hair growth.

In trials, Foltene’s Hair and Scalp Treatment for Women:

a)   Increased hair growth during the Anagen (growth) stage by 10.3%

b)   Decreased hair fall (the Telogen phase) by 10.2%.

How does Foltene Hair & Scalp Treatment for Women work?

Foltene calls this a “single dose attack treatment” based on the synergistic action of Tricalgoxyl, Foltene’s patented active ingredient.  In addition, it contains a nourishing Biomineral Complex.


The single dose “attack” Hair & Scalp Treatment triple action ampoules – use 3 per week in the “attack” stage  over two months, then reduce the dose to just 2 per week over the following six weeks

This is where the algae comes in (not one, but three long Latin-named sea algaes – specifically, Asparagopsis Armata, Himanthalia Elongata and Undaria Pinnatifida) which are extremely rich in mineral salts such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron and zinc).

Basically, without getting too tecchy, the Foltene  Hair and Scalp Treatment aids with:

–      Restoring the scalp and strengthening follicles

–      Retaining hair for longer – extending the resting phase of the hair life cycle

–      Preventing hair loss and promoting the natural growth of hair

–      Regulating the hair life cycle

–      And because it doesn’t mix with the blood stream, you can use this product if you’re pregnant

 With Tricosaccaride and Capsicum Extract, this special shampoo is the go-to product to complement to Foltène Hair & Scalp Treatment, to help stem hair loss from various underlying causes. £9.95


Designed for: Everyday use. Helps boost the thickness and volume of your hair. The look of the hair will significantly improve with regular use.

Contains: Tricosaccaride and Capsicum Extract to help improve blood circulation in the scalp and enhance hair growth.


How long before you can expect to see a difference? You could start to see a difference within two weeks if this product is used as suggested – twice a day.


FOLTENE NAIL TREATMENT – £9.95, for stronger, longer, shinier nails

Nail polish flies off shelves – it’s the quickest beauty fix out there along with that other recession-proof beauty hero, lipstick!

But a lot of us change our nail colour like chameleons and most high street nail lacquers can be harsh on nails (and somewhat toxic) – and acetone nail varnish remover is worse! Aggressive agents in the liquids can alter your nails’ natural keratin, weakening them so they become fragile, drier, and might break more easily.

To combat this wear and tear, Foltene’s Nail Treatment contains Tricalgoxyl polysaccharidic complex of marine origin to effectively stimulate the nail’s natural growth and fortify them against “life’s knocks”, while elastin nourishes, hydrates and keeps them more flexible, helping your nails retain their natural lipidic layer (this keeps them shiny and healthy looking).

If you are seeing signs of hair loss and feeling unusually tired, or cold, and putting on weight despite not changing how you’ve been eating or exercising, see your doctor who may request a blood test  – chances are it could be an underlying underactive thyroid problem.

It’s always best to tackle a problem when it’s small – so the sooner you start a course of Foltene, the better.

FOLTENE is available


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