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Foltene • Pharma | Nail Rescue Treatment with enriched formula!

As a beauty blogger who delights in the happy ‘requirement’ of trying new nail products on a very frequent basis, I often find my nails are in urgent need of care and ‘rescue.’ from the various chemicals used that are necessary for either their application or removal.
The nail beds become more susceptible to wear and tear and more often than not peel under the pressure..
Here is where Foltene’s Nail Rescue Treatment comes in to save the day!

 enriched formula for extra care and better results!

With a paraben/mineral oil/paraffin wax/alcohol free formula that boasts Tricalgoxyl, Tricosaccaride, Rosa Centrifolia Flower Extract & Burdock Extract as it’s main active ingredients, applied daily on either a clean nail bed or even painted and/or acrylic nails at their base results are visible in a few short weeks.

simply paint on and allow nails to absorb-provides instant relief.

Definitely one to try out if you enjoy trying new polishes often, have acrylics or your nails are
feeling /looking worse for wear. let me know in the comments below if you have ever tried this or any other product similar-did you see results? Till next time, xoxo