We at Hampton Brands take pride in working with brand owners and major UK retailers and pharmacies to provide our customers with unique and innovative Health & Beauty solutions.


Brown Earth


Brown Earth was founded in 2003 with the objectives to buy Grade A Shea Butter at fair prices and to formulate Shea Butter based skincare products for a worldwide audience.


Brown Earth Product Development Approach ensures…

  • Ingredients used in any of their products must be wherever possible sourced from a fairly traded source. They actively work with various ethical groups and local communities to conserve natural resources and also actively support indigenous and rural development projects.
  • Brown Earth NEVER test products on animals, nor do they use ingredients from animal sources.
  • Always considers the consumer and their needs above all else when developing Brown Earth products
  • Develop Shea and Cocoa butter skincare products blended with natural herbs, essential oils, plants, salts, mineral, and flower essences.

Brown Earths’ awards shows their successful product development concept which had lead to building a strong reputation for skin care products with unparalleled skin protection nourishing, moisturising, repairing, revitalizing, cleansing properties.



SLG Beauty


SLG are designers and manufacturers of high fashion beauty and lifestyle products and makers of specialist cosmetics applicators. The company’s expertise covers cosmetics, fragrance, toiletry, beauty accessory and lifestyle product.


Within these fields, SLG creates bespoke private label collections, licensed product ranges and also has a portfolio of its own designer brand properties.


Originally founded in 1985, SLG Beauty have been manufacturing cosmetic applicators for over 25 years, with a portfolio of clients ranging from global cosmetic giants to new up and coming and regionally based boutique brands.


SLG’s unique approach is to combine the science of manufacturing with the art of creating beautiful products. This is one of the contributing factors that differentiate the company from its competitors. SLG stock a wide range of standard items, but can also draw on their engineering-led technical team and in-house design studio to work on bespoke or blue sky developments.



Zeon Healthcare

Zeon Healthcare brings to the UK, parts of Europe and around the world outstanding healthcare brands which have a significant advantage over other products and truly have the means to improve people’s lives.